Loving The Alien- Athens, GA salutes David Bowie

Zen Frisbee- Amer-Indie/Post Punk Garage Rock

Mr. Peters Boom and Chime- the long lost cousin of Zydeco music: accordian, congas, brake drum (yes, a car brake drum), jaw bone, guitar, vocals and banjo

Tom Montefusco- daredevil wild guitar from the basements of Charlotte, NC

The Tigers- blazing trombones

Eugene Chadbourne- country western opera based on Jesse Helms

Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black- tribute to Captain Beefheart

The Red Hots- regressive, old-time music (as in Bad Livers or Early Palaca Brothers)

BubbaHey Mud Truck- low-fi, wacked out, off-the-wall country tunes from a variety of North Carolina musicians, misfits and no-counts

Fantasma: Fantasma City- with its stuttering, hesitating beat, Cumbia uses its natural tendency to merge with rap, reggae and reggaeton

The Dead Tongues- Townes Van Zandt meets Sparklehorse and Drughorse