Loving The Alien- Athens, GA salutes David Bowie

Taking Bowie's great tunes- what Dylan referred to as "Rock-N-Roll with lipstick"- and adding Athens-style twists and turns, Bowie's classic tunes are seasoned by some of Athen's more wigged out Bowie interpreters
of the electronic rock and folk persuasions. Well-known and lesser-known gems are played by Athens artists such as Born To Worry, The Quiet Men, Mime, Ceiling Fan and Robert Lurie.

It's No Game Part 3- Born To Worry
Big Brother- The Quiet Men
John I'm Only Dancing- Mime
Onto Yourself- Ceiling Fan
ICan't Read- Robert Lurie Collective
Abdulmajid- Ryan McWhorter
Andy Warhol- Eli
A New Career In A New Town- Don't Analyse
Modern Love- Simultaneous Discs
Starman- Slackdaddy

"Tasefully produced...mad but marvelous...admirable...well-executed and atmospheric"

"A thing of electronic beauty"

"Outdoing Bowie's original"

"What Bowie's version would sound like if Photek or Aphex Twin were allowed to remix"

"Like Neil Young fronting Joy Division singing the song as a hymn while high"

Teenage Wildlife