The Tigers/ The Graceland McCollough Tigers

Carolina Trombone Shout Bands

From the congregation of The House of Prayer for All People in North Carolina comes a joyous noise, a truly original sound; the trombone shout band.
This is gospel and brass band all in one with a soulful singing and roaring horns(with drums, bass and guitars). Sing IT! Shout It! Blow It!
The Tigers- Shout and Testify

These recordings are as live as it gets, from the sweating preachers to the jubilant, pulse-pounding horns to the delirious audience, who are as integral to the music as the shout band's t-bones and driving rhythms.
The Graceland McCollough Tigers-
Dancing With Daddy G

Blazing trombones from Charlotte, NC. "Not a track to be missed" Dirty Linen

"Wholeheartedly recommended for believers and unbelievers alike" CMJ
"Funky Elephantine Elegance" Option
The Graceland McCollough Tigers- Heaven

More blazing t-bones with soul!
"Inspired and inspiring" Pulse

"Another gift from the American South to the world's music" CMJ