"Amer-indie/post-punk garage rock. Spikey and delicate rock overdrive"

"I was captivated. These guys are unreal."

"Legendary now-you-see'em-now-you-don't Chapel Hill commune"
Fred Mills/Jet Lag

Zen Frisbee- Good Enough

These long lasting, slacker survivors epitomize the Chapel Hill sound which you hear as they rip through 20 plus tunes on their full-lengther entitled "Good Enough."
Trio members Kevin Dixon and Brian Walker offer clever, gratuitous guitar/bass maynem fueled by indie-garage-punk humor, cynicism and delirium. Noise and silliness predominate as drummer Chuck Garrison (Superchunk's original drummer) powers the way through favored old hits with assistance from members of Southern Culture on the Skids, Squirrel Nut Zippers and Flat Duo Jets. Guests from bands such as Shark Quest, Trailer Bride, Family Dollar Pharaohs and Clarissa also assist.