The Red Hots- Ready to Roll

Regressive Old Time Music

More authentic than revivalists, The Red Hots still capture a modern audience.
They are one of the few old time string bands that combine authenticity with newer and younger audiences. They describe their music as regressive old time, yet they are so regressive they're actually progressive.

The band consists of fiddle, banjo, standup bass and guitar. Vocals are usually growles out by the banjo player but on occasion the guitarist and fiddler combine harmonies to create sweet tunes a little to the left of the Louvins.

This recording at first was a mere cassette but has since been remastered. Several additional tracks have been added, making this a cinch to win a Grammy.......Right.

"Good CD Alert. Highly recommended. Clearly all is not lost in the world of digital old time music." Folk Roots

"It's the ballsiest mutant bluegrassers that we've ever heard. It's one to scare the hogs into singing along, not to lull them to sleep. Get the idea?" CMJ

"Intense; takes no prisoners; a 95 because you could really clog to it" Bluegrass Unlimited